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Increased content
To spoil nothing, Activision put the little dishes in the big ones to deliver an episode finally a little more generous in terms of realization and content. First, it continues the trend initiated in the previous two episodes, making the game a little more difficult, offering more complex levels and more conducive to exploration and reflection. It's a good thing, especially for those who like me like to play in parent / child duo ... it should not be that the old man feels useless and bored!
But besides that, Superchargers goes especially further in its contents, become bloated notably thanks to the addition of vehicles. The latter give rise to races within the levels of the main adventure mode, but they are also to be found in a dedicated area of ??the Academy. A real game in the game, you can go shopping at the Mario Kart - or rather Diddy Kong Racing since you can ride as well as fly or float! - which obviously introduce small options to be harvested on the circuit to obtain speed bonuses, a shield, etc. Each vehicle can shoot with envy, you will also try to reduce the energy bar of your opponents to double, while shortcuts will also take advantage. The icing on the cake: these races are as well playable to two on the same console as online. Time trial events offer friendly or world rankings.
This is not all for online features. You may decide to open your game to other players in your friends list. If a buddy at the other end of the city or at the other end of the world sees that you are in the middle of the game session, he will be able to join you and collect success, gold and experience by your side.
Realization on the rise
It is also possible to note, as discussed above, the efforts provided in terms of graphics and realization. The Skylanders saga clearly crosses a course with SuperChargers at all levels. More beautiful, the levels benefit from effects of light or smoke very successful and more complex modeling, which put much more emphasis than usual a very careful staging. The situations are varied like places and progressing in adventure mode is a real pleasure that one does not sulk for a single second for all these reasons ... even if the principle of making us spend so much money to enjoy it Fully remains a point that can still and always cringe!
Note that the main difference between the Wii U version and the PS4 / Xbox One versions is the famous Activision / Nintendo collaborative figures that are delivered in the Starter Pack. They are both amiibo and Skylanders (one passes from one mode to the other at will), available only in said packs and obviously not compatible with the other versions of the game. Would this be the year of maturity for Electronic Arts? After an excellent Madden NFL 16 and a FIFA 16 still vintage, the American publisher seems to have taken the good mania to listen to the opinions of his fans. It remains to be seen whether the opinions of the privileged 180,000 who have tried their hand at the beta version will lead to striking novelties or to a tradi

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